You know you’re bored when…

The kids have been out of school all week, and they’ll be home tomorrow, too.

You know they’re bored when they start being inventive, but that’s the time that I look back and marvel at their creativity.

Well, to a certain point.

When they start busting out the Halloween wigs and asking for my newest lipstick, it’s then that I wonder what they are doing.

Oh, nothing much. Just my oldest daughter turning my son into a very attractive lady.

And for the record, I’m adding this photo to the naked baby pictures and school note from his teacher admonishing him for drawing a picture of diarrhea. This is going to be great print collateral to show his future wife…


4 responses to “You know you’re bored when…

  1. my mom has stored (in a fire proof safe) a drawing my little brother did in Kindergarten which stated that “on his special day he likes to… PLAY WITH BARBIES”….

    the boy will never live it down!

  2. LOL
    I just wonder what they’ll do on summer break…

    • Oh, I’m not looking forward to that!

      E says, “I’m just getting my summer vacation in the middle of winter!” but I know she’ll be upset that she is still in school.

  3. He kind of reminds me of a local comedian in this photo…

    (well, when she wears her hair down)

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