Monthly Archives: January 2014

Twenty fourteen

Goals for 2014

– thrive (physically, mentally, spiritually, legally, financially, socially). i have been down in the doldrums for, oh, five years.

– not text while driving. I know this is a no-brainer, but as one of those people who repeatedly dreams about car accidents and then wakes up, flailing, screaming, thinking I have just rear-ended some poor soul on the interstate and physically harmed my children only to then breathe a sigh of relief that it was just a dream, I know there may come a day when that dream is real.

– get my photo books and albums in order. I take so many photos (iphone, not camera) and have files of photos that my children don’t see. It started when L asked for a family album for Christmas, and I hastily threw together a photo book on Shutterfly. She loved it. I remember loving looking through family photos as a child, but my kids don’t have access to my phone to flip through memory lane. Plus, it isn’t tactile. Not tangible.

– knit a pair of socks. Knit something… that isn’t a blanket, a scarf, or anything that is not a square or rectangle.